WISE Usage Agreement

The following information describes terms of use for the WISE system.

Before proceeding, we would like to explain our community and the role you'll play within the WISE research environment. Please take a moment to read this page, as it is very important.

By joining the WISE Online Community, you are joining a community that serves several federally-funded research projects, and we seek your consent to use your contributions to this community as part of this research. We may use your comments, communities, or surveys in our research, and we will keep track of some of your actions on our site to help us find ways to improve. In addition, your students' work (free from identification) may be analyzed to address research questions about the effectiveness of specific curriculum content or elements of the online environment.

By checking the "I agree to the terms of use" box on the registration page, you will be consenting to participation in our research regarding teacher and scientist beliefs about technology and the Internet, as well as best ways to support community members as they prepare to use WISE projects and author WISE curricula. You also consent to our use in our research of your written contributions to surveys and community discussions. If participating in specific research projects that use the WISE platform, you consent to using WISE as part of these project-specific materials.

We do not anticipate risks related to teachers and students joining the WISE community other than those inherent to the web itself -- namely the possible exploration of indecent or inappropriate material on unrelated websites. This risk is handled at school sites, which have security/filtering systems. WISE benefits from these security systems and our curriculum provides structure and content that reduces the risk of haphazard searching.

We will not release your identify in any of our research. Likewise, your students' identities will not be revealed. All community comments will be treated as anonymous in our analyses. Anytime we seek to use a WISE user's identity in conjunction with comments (e.g., as a teacher or student quote on our public pages or anywhere else), we will first seek the user's permission (or that of the user's legal guardian).

In the interest of intellectual freedom, WISE allows members to contribute comments and links to public spaces, but to function as a community we insist that users be considerate and respectful of one another. If you find any content posted by another WISE member to be offensive or inappropriate, please contact WISE support (contact WISE) and we will investigate. Users who abuse their WISE membership privileges may have their accounts terminated.

Finally, your participation in the WISE community is voluntary, and you are free to halt your WISE membership at any time.

We value your enthusiastic participation in the WISE community and its related research endeavors. If you have any questions about our research or policies, please contact our project director.


Marcia Linn, Project Director  email