WISE System Check
General Requirements
Resource Minimum Version Your Version Requirement Satisfied Additional Info
Upgrade Firefox Upgrade Chrome Upgrade Safari Upgrade Internet Explorer
Browser Recommendations
Use this section to choose which browser to use for WISE.
Browser, Minimum Version Recommendation Level Download
Chrome 10.0+ Strongly Recommended Download Chrome
Firefox 6.0+ Strongly Recommended Download Firefox
Safari 5.0+ Recommended Download Safari
Edge 25.0+ Least Recommended Download Edge
Internet Explorer 11.0+ Least Recommended Download Internet Explorer
Other browsers are not yet recommended
Network Compatibility (Firewall/Proxy)
You should not be behind firewall or proxy (if possible) when running WISE projects. Parts or all of WISE may not load depending on your school's firewall settings. This section checks if you are restricted from accessing certain resources on the WISE server. If you see any X's below, WISE may not function properly. Please talk to your school technician.
Can Retrieve Flash objects (.swf):checking...

Can Retrieve Java archives (.jar):checking...